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Streamline your COVID-19 vaccine delivery 

Pharmapod's Clinical Services app is a cloud-based solution for streamlining the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines by pharmacies, care homes, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. 


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From an online booking system, to valuable patient insights, this solution enables effective, time-efficient patient consultation and follow-up. 

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Vaccination

FLU Vaccination

Optimize your vaccination workflow

Our Clinical Services solution streamlines the end-to-end process for patients and those administrating the vaccine, allowing individuals to easily book their vaccine (via any device), complete their eligibility criteria and provide details of any side-effects that have occurred - with the data flowing securely from patient to administrating organisation and to national governmental organisations, where required. 

By simplifying the entire process, the solution promotes vaccine uptake, minimises the time required to administer each vaccine, as well as providing critical side-effect trend data, such that corrective actions may be put in place as required.

Online Booking System

Remote Eligibility Screening

Efficient Patient Data Review

Data Summary & Insights

Measure and trend your clinical services, export data to public health registries or electronic patient records. The system prompts vaccinators to record specific vaccines administered and to report adverse reactions to drive quality and compliance. 

The system may identify potential problems in the vaccination rollout such as uptake resistance and people not showing up for vaccinations, as well as regional and national uptake comparisons. Our award-winning analytics will drive significant efficiencies to give organizations real-time data insights and reporting at the click of a button.

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