Streamline Your COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Pharmapod’s Clinical Services app is a cloud-based solution for streamlining the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines by pharmacies, care homes, hospitals, and other healthcare providers

Supported by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

Pharmapod is developing a cloud-based solution for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, and other clinical services, globally. This important work is supported by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), who is collaborating as Pharmapod makes this solution available on an international basis for healthcare professionals involved in the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine. The solution will streamline the process of administering vaccines by allowing patients to book their vaccination appointment, providing real-time information to healthcare professionals and their organisations, as well as businesses and public health bodies.

Pharmapod’s Clinical Services solution will act as a means of:
Maximising efficiencies

By streamlining the various processes of vaccination for patients and healthcare professionals

Driving vaccine uptake

By making it as easy as possible for patients to book their appointments

Ensuring compliance

Through vaccination scheduling and effective reminders and record keeping

Demonstrating Immunization Status (IS)

The system will generate a unique ID for patients who have received the vaccine which may be useful for travel, work and safety purposes

Educating patients and the public

With delivery of key public health messages and benefits of immunisation

Delivering real-time data

For use by governments (as required) and key stakeholders and decision makers – touch of a button reports on demographics, capture of side effects of vaccines and reporting to national pharmacovigilance stakeholders

Our Clinical Services solution streamlines the end-to-end process for patients and those administrating the vaccine, allowing individuals to easily book their vaccine (via any device), complete their eligibility criteria and provide details of any side-effects that have occurred – with the data flowing securely from patient to administrating organisation and to national governmental organisations, where required.

By simplifying the entire process, the solution promotes vaccine uptake, minimises the time required to administer each vaccine, as well as providing critical side-effect trend data, such that corrective actions may be put in place as required.

Online Booking System

Remote Eligibility Screening

Efficient Patient Data Review

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