Incident Management

Incident Management

The Pharmapod Platform delivered to pharmacy clients is an off-the-shelf solution with configuration features for incident form creation. The platform is composed of a collection of modules and services.

When deployed in pharmacy environments these modules and services have been proven to deliver:

Increase in the recording of errors and near misses

Continuous improvement in patient safety and clinical outcomes

Reduction in time spent recording errors

Improved operational efficiencies

Improved data quality due to automatic form validation

Improved data quality with contextual form entry guidance text

Easier extraction of value from data through automated analysis

Simplifying the process of advanced report generation


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Some of the essential features of the Pharmapod Incident Management Platform include:

one-click access
Quick, one-click access to enable fast access to all aspects of the Pharmapod Platform, including Module Menu, Help.

Record an Incident
The positioning of the Record an Incident feature is placed in a central location to support quick access to record incidents as they occur.

My Actions Section
The My Actions Section lists any CAPA’s or tasks that have been assigned concerning Incidents that have occurred in-pharmacy.

Additional Features Include:

Easy Real Time Data, with role-based access from any smart enabled device

Highly configurable & interoperable - 3rd party software integration through APIs eg. AIMS program eliminating duplicate reporting

Dashboards, Insights Pro, Benchmarking, Charts with notifications and escalations

Digital Document Management: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), policies & compliance audits all easily stored and updated on Pharmapod

Export reports, upload photos/files, audit trail of all entries and collaboration functionality capable of delivering fit for purpose quarterly summaries

Pharmapod Incident Management Dashboard

User Experience Investment

Pharmapod invests heavily on measuring the behaviour of our users when using our Platform.

Through regular user groups and time and motion studies, we have designed our Incident Management and Patient Safety module to be highly user-centric.

Our focus is on understanding the user’s needs and outcomes which they are striving for and enabling them to achieve it in the quickest and smartest way. This includes clean and uncluttered screens, effective use of colour coding and iconography to direct users to the most important aspects of recording and managing incidents.

Through extensive Time & Motion studies, we have found that our investment in user-centric design has increased incident reporting by a factor of 260% and the speed of data entry and error management is on average 15 times faster than legacy systems.

(National Pharmacy Association UK, NRLS Pilot, 2014)

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