Responsible Pharmacist / Duty Log

Incident Management
Gain a central visibility of pharmacists working in stores, and ensure all sites, including locums, follow the same procedure. Gain analytics for a high-level overview of your business.

Remove the necessity for physical storage and protect your business reputation by dealing with complaints promptly.

For Irish & UK clients

The Problem

No central visibility of pharmacists working in stores

Rely on pharmacy to report absence/late starts

PMR system only records RP locally

Log in time can be changed

No analytics for high-level overview of their business

No notes field when checking RP

Takes too much time to respond to enquiries

Document Management System
Document Management System

The Solution

Consolidated group view for SI/Area Managers

Analytics dashboard - show trends over time

Centrally view logs - aid investigation

Real-time - notifications if stores not logged in

Time-stamps - check in/out

Flexibility to override check in (i.e. only current time recorded)

"Notes" field to facilitate understanding of any deviations


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Time Savings

TaskMinutes Saved, Per Pharmacy, Per Month
Time spent reporting absences to head office5
Emails/texts/calls between store and head office7
Investigation (Head Office)15
Reporting - archiving, printing RP docs10
Total time (per month, per pharmacy)37
Total time (per month, per 100 pharmacies)3,700 (61.6 hours)
Total time (per month, per 1000 pharmacies)37,000 (616.6 hours)

The Results

Improved efficiency

No faxing, pictures, emailing, texting etc


All sites follow the same procedure, including locums

Clear reasons for absence

Notes are made available at the center

Immediate response to enquiries

Quick NHS response

Protected reputation

Deal with complaints quickly

Improved efficiency

No faxing, pictures, emailing, texting etc

No paper

Save some trees!


5 year storage not needed in the pharmacy

Pharmapod is an essential tool to achieving pharmacy efficiency; using the cloud-based system results in ease of access to all files, with no more time wasted looking through folders and boxes. The cloud-based system means it can be accessible from all devices therefore when staff are working from both locations they can easily log in to the system and continue to log incidents.

William Llyr Hughes Pharmapod testimonial

William Llyr Hughes
Fferyllwyr Llyn pharmacy, Wales, UK

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