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Patient Safety Software for Hospitals

Benefits for Hospitals
The Pharmapod system facilitates efficient management of quality processes. It provides meaningful insights into risks across an organisation as well as the planning and tracking of change. Pharmapod is chosen by those who resolve to create a culture of continuous improvement, safety and operational excellence.

Tim Delaney, Head of Pharmacy, AMNC Hospital

Tim Delaney - Head of Pharmacy, AMNC Hospital

Hospitals have a choice when looking for patient safety software.

Simple To Use With Advanced Reporting

Pharmapod software helps hospitals to reduce operational costs and maximise efficiencies for its various care units such as its pharmacy department, theatres, wards and care units and streamlines communication between personnel such as chief pharmacists, risk managers, clinicians, patient safety officers and senior management.

The Pharmapod platform is intuitive, easy to use, and enables personnel within your organisation to record, review and analyse medication-related incidents and patient safety incidents quickly and securely.

Managers can produce quality reports in real-time at the click of a button with an instant review of all quality parameters across the organisation.

Pharmapod SOP Management Dashboard

Superior Advanced Analytics

Superior Advanced Analytics

Our best-in-class analytics is fully customisable. Choose between off the shelf reports and analytics, or customise your own reports based on current and evolving needs.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Continuous Quality Improvement

Deliver significant efficiencies to your audit process and enable effective audit preparation and post-audit analysis, ensuring your internal processes are always inspection-ready, demonstrating continuous quality improvement.

More Efficient Review Process

More Efficient Review Process

Create, distribute and manage your documentation such as SOPs, training records and policies effectively. We close the loop between incidents that have occurred and your quality documentation, delivering significant efficiencies to your internal SOP and policy review process.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

By transferring your quality and compliance processes from traditional methods to Pharmapod's best in class service, operational efficiencies are realised, and costs are reduced resulting in a service which supports a very positive return on investment.


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Pharmapod Medication Safety Event Dashboard

Further key benefits

  • Delivers significant time and cost efficiencies
  • Reporting via Pharmapod system takes 1/5 the time of other electronic systems (Incident Management Pilot Report for the National Pharmacy Association, UK. Dec 2014).
  • Reduces reputational, business and patient risks
  • Releases valuable professional time from inefficient compliance tasks
  • Optimum demonstration of standards improvement and clinical governance
  • Generates high-quality reports quickly to meet management and inspection needs
  • Real-time insights into your organisation's performance
  • Streamlines inter-unit communication and task assignment
  • Drives a culture of improvement, transparency and shared learning

Cost Savings Report for Hospitals

The table below illustrates savings that can be made by various reporting units (such as pharmacy, ward or care unit) using Pharmapod patient safety software instead of traditional methods.

The calculations and measurements are from a detailed time and motion study (Pharmapod Analysis of Cost Savings, Aug 2015) that included analysis of each of the stages involved in each process. For example, when reporting a patient safety incident, initial entry to verification, follow up, validation, assessment and closure.

Monthly Annual Time and Cost Savings

Individual Reporting UnitsManagement / Reporting Level eg: Superintendent
Time (hours)Cost (€)Time (hours)Cost (€)
Incident Management240.6€6,651762.3€23,822
Audit Management33.2€918504.4€15,763
SOP Management56.0€1,548264.7€8,272
Task Management65.1€1,800160.0€5,000
Case Management72.0€1,990590.1€18,441
Total Cost Saving per Annum €84,205.00

Note: The above calculations are based on the analysis of a group of 50 users with an average of 42 incidents/near misses per month.

Implementation of the Pharmapod system is quick and straightforward as Pharmapod services are accessed online through a standard web browser on laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

The system is fully responsive so that you can track and manage your organisation’s activity and progress from wherever is convenient.

We continually add new features, and there are no maintenance costs or updates to run.

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