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January 5th, 2015 | In Resources

Most of us will make a New Year’s resolution – maybe to lose weight, quit smoking or exercise more often – but only one in 10 of us will achieve our goal.

Psychologists have found we’re more likely to succeed if we break our resolution into smaller goals that are specific, measurable and time-based.

Your local pharmacy can provide great advice and support to help you get started and to achieve your New Year health resolutions.

Lose Weight

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight is key to good health and the prevention of weight-related risks such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and elevated blood glucose levels.

A healthy body weight is achieved when your energy intake (from food and drink) is balanced by your energy output (your body’s activity levels), and your body mass index (BMI) is between the levels of 18.5 and 24.9 Ask your pharmacist to explain the BMI and its measurement.

It is important to approach weight loss with a sensible, practical and realistic plan that fits in with your lifestyle. Your local pharmacist can help you to do this in 2015.

Quit Smoking

The HSE QUIT team now provides support to quitters across a range of channels – over the phone, on Twitter and Facebook, by SMS and email.  Quitters can also use the brand new interactive website, talking to the QUIT team via Live Chat, and using our online QUITplan. As well as the new online and phone-based support there is a network of face-to-face HSE QUIT services in many locations around the country, providing one-to-one and group support for smokers. The website provides great advice for healthcare professionals and service users alike. Your local pharmacy can also help put you in contact with local people also quitting through group sessions and local support networks.

Get Active

As well as providing advice on exercising safely for your age, weight and your individual health, your pharmacy can be a hub of knowledge on local resources. Many pharmacies have community notice boards that list charity sporting events and sports clubs hiring new members. For more info visit:

Check your Health

Many pharmacies provide individual and group health screening. Health screening  is aimed at early identification of medical conditions which could cause ill health and even premature death for example heart disease and diabetes.

You can find your nearest pharmacy using the online map on

Good luck! Hope you achieve your 2015 goals. And to all our Pharmapod Community – you can help your customers make great changes this year! Be inspired! Be healthy!

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