Inaugural Response Team

In response to the World Health Organization's Global Patient Safety Challenge: Medication Without Harm, which aims to reduce severe avoidable medication-related harm by 50%, globally by the year 2022, Pharmapod is establishing a local Response Team in each country to review, analyze and evaluate the medication error data recorded.

Pharmapod’s inaugural Response Team has now launched as part of the Ontario College of Pharmacists’ mandatory AIMS (Assurance and Improvement in Medication Safety) program.

The Canadian Response Team consists of pharmacy professionals and patient safety domain experts who will analyze the aggregate, anonymized provincial medication incident and near-miss data in Ontario to identify areas of risk and opportunities to improve patient safety.

Through the College, it will provide recommendations on strategies in continuous quality improvement with an overall goal of reducing the risk of patient harm caused by medication incidents.

The College will also use the aggregate data to monitor trends, collaborate with other partners, share learnings and develop tools and resources to help pharmacies apply these learnings to their practice.

Pharmapod’s Global Learning Health System enables review and evaluation of aggregate data by country market, via our Response Teams, to support shared learnings and actionable insight, reducing medication errors and improving patient safety.

Ontario is the first province where the Canadian Response Team is undertaking this work to support the College’s AIMS program and its ongoing efforts to help prevent incidents and enhance patient safety.

The Role of the Response Team is to:

  • Receive aggregated, anonymized patient safety event data (incidents and near misses) from community pharmacies.
  • Review the data to identify and understand the clinical circumstances under which the event occurs and recognize underlying systems causes.
  • Monitor the occurrence and associated harm level of medication safety event trends at a provincial and national level, across geographic territories.
  • Provide support and recommendations to the College which will then be shared broadly.

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