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What Pharmacists Think of Pharmapod

Pharmapod works with many thought leaders around patient safety and clinical excellence. The following testimonials provide an insight into healthcare professionals views of the Pharmapod system.

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
We had been looking for an electronic solution for this particular part of pharmacy governance. We used to log errors and near misses manually and then translate onto our PMR system, but what we found was that it became a bit of a tick box exercise rather than a learning exercise. We came across Pharmapod through Numark, had a demo and took to the near misses and error module straight away. We have just finished implementing it throughout the business.

I would 100% recommend Pharmapod to other pharmacies.
There is no administration involved therefore you save time, there is no investment and it’s a win, win.

You are able to look at information and analytics at any given point; you have everything in one place and the staff will get more out of it than just having a tick box exercise.

Christine Burbage Pharmapod testimonial

Ronak Manek
Operations Manager for K&K Healthcare Ltd

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial

"It took me, who is not a pharmacy professional, around 30 seconds to input an incident using the Pharmapod system"

"Pharmapod is by far the best incident reporting system available. It is fundamental to the safe and effective delivery of care to all patients. It has brought enormous benefits to the pharmacy sector by offering in-depth insights into the nature of errors, which ensures patient safety. Pharmapod facilitates sharing learnings and can drive the cultural change we need worldwide."

Melissa Sheldrick Pharmapod testimonial

Melissa Sheldrick
Patient Safety Advocate

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
Pharmapod is very user friendly, the Customer Success team are great at answering questions, and issues are resolved quickly. The system has been very useful for helping our staff identify errors that can happen and we’ve been able to take steps to try and avoid the errors/near misses in the future. It has also been easy to incorporate into the workflow because the forms are easy to complete in a short time frame.

Sofija Bulovic Pharmapod testimonial

Sofija Bulovic
Panacea Pharmacy

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
I deeply believe that the healthcare sector will look back in years to come and view the market entry of Pharmapod as a transformative moment in our profession's evolution. This offering will become embedded within the systems and processes of every healthcare organization aspiring to be best-in-class. It will be a tool fundamental to the safe and effective delivery of care to the patients of the future

Dr. Johnny Walker Pharmapod testimonial

Dr. Johnny Walker
Consultant Radiologist, Nuclear Physician, Start-up Founder

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
Pharmapod forms an important part of our undergraduate Pharmacy degree programme. Pharmapod helps our students collaboratively learn from errors in dispensing and understand the concepts of quality and risk in pharmacy. Their use of Pharmapod throughout their training will help foster a safety culture from the earliest days of their training that will stand to them in practice.

Prof. Paul Gallagher Pharmapod testimonial

Prof. Paul Gallagher
Head of the School of Pharmacy, Royal College of Surgeons

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
Pharmapod is an essential tool to achieving pharmacy efficiency; using the cloud-based system results in ease of access to all files, with no more time wasted looking through folders and boxes. The cloud-based system means it can be accessible from all devices therefore when staff are working from both locations they can easily log in to the system and continue to log incidents.

William Llyr Hughes Pharmapod testimonial

William Llyr Hughes
Fferyllwyr Llyn pharmacy, Wales

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
The capability to learn from incidents is incredible, much better than it was when we used spreadsheets. We can now easily put practises into place which prevent reoccurrences. We can access Pharmapod on every device including the Alphega tablet, so any member of staff can access the system quickly and easily.

Mark Stakim Pharmapod testimonial

Mark Stakim
Managing Director of Dalston Pharmacy, London

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
At Superdrug we are continually evaluating our processes to ensure we are harnessing innovation and technology to deliver the highest levels of patient safety. Making the move from paper-based error reporting is key to this commitment and we are delighted to be introducing the Pharmapod system across all of our pharmacies and clinics.

Christine Burbage Pharmapod testimonial

Christine Burbage
Superintendent Pharmacist, Superdrug

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
I would highly recommend Pharmapod. The ability to integrate incident management with our SOPs in one place, whilst allowing us to analyse this information over time, ensures we are being proactive about a difficult area that we are often reluctant to talk about as a profession.

Adam Batholomew Pharmapod testimonial

Adam Batholomew
The Healthcentre Pharmacy, Northern Ireland

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
Pharmapod is an exceptionally useful tool that is far better than our previous paper-based system. A great feature is the ability to edit all forms, so they are personalised to the specific needs of my pharmacy. All our staff members now record all errors using the Pharmapod system.

Yas Hussain Pharmapod testimonial

Yas Hussain
MX Pharmacy, Lancashire

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
"For patient safety, the way forward has to be through partnership, collaboration and learning. This requires a level of openness, transparency and honest acknowledgment when shortfalls occur and that’s what Pharmapod is all about – sharing information to ensure systems are continually improved, reducing errors and preventing recurrence of avoidable harm. The reporting of errors, the monitoring, evaluation, testing of systems, processes and behaviours."

Margaret Murphy testimonial

Margaret Murphy
Patients for Patient Safety, the World Health Organisation, World Alliance for Patient Safety

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
"It helps you manage individual incidents and it gives you the advantage that you can aggregate information, generate reports, look at your overall performance, and use it to learn lessons that you can share across your hospital group."

Tim Delaney Testimonial

Tim Delaney
Head of Pharmacy, AMNC Hospital

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
We have an excellent relationship with the team at Pharmapod. They provide a high level of support not only to me in my role as MSO, but also to the pharmacy staff in the branches. The team is always accessible when I need them, and they respond rapidly to any queries that we have. The configurability of the system gives me great flexibility which allows me to mould the system to my exact requirements, an essential requirement in an ever-changing environment!

Jackie Giltrow Pharmapod testimonial

Jackie Giltrow
Medication Safety Officer at Paydens Group & Former Chief Inspector of the RPSGB

Pharmapod Customer Testimonial
I want to share with your team a great positive experience from one of our stores. She was really happy with the service:

“I signed up my entire team today because I had a couple of things to clarify and I can tell you that I was blown away by how great the customer service experience has been so far! The platform looks solid too.”
Just wanted to give you positive feedback, they rock!

Pharmapod testimonial

Pharmacy Manager

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